Adding/Dropping courses

Once the semester begins you can try out your schedule and see how it works for you.  You may want to change your course selections or you may want to increase or decrease the number of courses you have selected.  The first two weeks are sometimes referred to as the "Add/Drop Period", but it's always best to make these decisions as early as possible so that you can settle in and get moving forward.  It is very unusual to add a course after the end of the second week.

There are a few things to consider when adding or dropping courses.

  • Will you have to pay for it if you drop it?
  • Is there room in it if you want to add it?
  • Will it have any effect on my grades?

Below is a table summarizing the processes for Fall and Spring semesters. Note that deadlines for Summer or other enrolment periods are different. Be sure to know the Important Dates for each semester, and if you are unsure about any of this, please contact the Registration Centre.

Adding Courses

You can add courses during the first week of each Fall or Spring semester using the Web Registration tools in your Online Student Record. The exact dates can be found in the Important Dates calendar.

After this date, you can still add courses, but you must obtain permission from the instructor using the Late Course Registration process

Dropping Courses

If you register for a course and then decide you don`t want it, you must officially drop it through your Online Student Record

1.  You will not be charged for any courses dropped before the first day of the semester.

2.  If you drop all your courses in a Fall or Spring semester within the first two weeks you will get a 90% refund of your tuition fees.

3. If you drop some of your courses within the first two weeks of a Fall or Spring semester you will be refunded 100% of the tuition fees for those courses.

4. If you drop any courses after the first two weeks and up to October 1 (for Fall semester) or February 1 (for Spring semester), you will be refunded 50% of your tuition for these courses.

Change from Audit to Credit OR Credit to Audit

When auditing a course, you attend and participate but are not required to complete assessments and do not receive a grade or any academic credit.

1. Before the semester starts, you can switch to audit by simply making this request to the Registration Centre

2. Once the semester starts, you have twelve weeks to change from credit to audit or audit to credit, but you must receive written permission from the instructor(s) using a Student Registration Change Form available from the Registration Centre.

Late semester changes

1. There will be no refunds for any courses dropped after October 1 in the Fall semester or February 1 in the Spring semester.

2. In each semester there is a deadline after twelve weeks (in November or March), for academic penalty-free withdrawal from a course to receive a grade of "W".