Other Support Resources

Learning Matters Website

Learning Matters covers everything from learning how to learn, to using data. Most students express a wish to be more efficient in their studies. This is your one-stop shop for resources related to learning, studying and all the other aspects of being an effective student. Learning Matters contains many different types of resources - videos, images, links, text and downloadable items.

You can navigate to the material you are interested in using the blue Menu button at the top right of the page. The Menu shows you where you are in the site; use the arrows to navigate back and forth between different areas of the site. For example, if you wanted to learn more about taking notes, you could click the Menu, the left arrow, then on “Learning + Thinking” and click on “Take Effective Class Notes”.

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Writing Centre

Qualified and friendly faculty tutors are available for one-to-one consultations to provide assistance with any aspect of your writing, such as understanding the assignment, developing your thesis, structuring your essay, using and citing sources, grammar problems. NOTE: they don’t proofread your essay. That’s your job!

They also run workshops on key aspects of the writing process. They are open for Fall and Spring semesters, and for the summer intersessions. This is a free VIU service. Click here for more information such as location and hours!

Math Learning Centre

VIU students are welcome to come and get help from fellow students. The Math Learning Centre is staffed by student-tutors selected from Vancouver Island University science programs.