Your Health and Dental Plan

The Vancouver Island University Students' Union (VIUSU) offers a comprehensive health and dental plan for full-time students on the Nanaimo Campus. The University assists the Student Union in assessing and collecting these fees.  For complete information about the plan, please visit the VIUSU website.

The plan is mandatory unless you have equivalent insurance coverage from another source and you officially go through the 'Opt Out' procedure by the deadline.  Connect with the Students' Union if you need assistance in opting out. You may choose to opt out or remain enrolled in both plans, which is referred to as coordination of benefits and may give you coverage that serves you well.

Note that Cowichan students do not currently have a Health and Dental plan, but a vote on this option will be taking place in March, 2022.

How to Opt Out


At the beginning of each of the Fall and Spring semesters, students may be able to opt out online. Once the online opt-out form is completed, the data will be assessed by a plan administrator. If your online opt out is declined for any reason you will be contacted by the Student Union's administrator to schedule an appointment to review your application to opt out. Successful opt outs will have the fee removed from the student record within 1-2 weeks from the day they applied to opt out.  For complete details on opting out, please visit the VIUSU website.

In-Person (when possible)

Those who are unable to use the online opt-out system or those who have enrolment dates that do not permit use of the web-based system, can opt out in person at the Students’ Union Office in Building 193 on the Nanaimo Campus, or call 250.754.8866.