Educational Advising

Educational Advisors

Advisors can help you to discover, plan and work toward your educational goals. You can achieve a more fulfilling educational experience through an advising relationship. While post-secondary education can be one of life's most rewarding experiences, it can be a confusing adventure for some, and an intimidating process for others. Advisors are available to answer your questions or steer you in the right direction when questions arise.

Educational Advisors are available at every VIU campus. Connect Early and Often.


  • Research careers and post-secondary education and training.
  • Navigate the VIU website to find program information, learner support services and more.

Make Choices

  • Use information and knowledge of values, strengths, interests, career and life goals to make choices.
  • Choose a direct or flexible and open-ended educational path.

Create an Action Plan

  • Apply decision-making and planning skills to build a workable education plan that fits with short and long-term personal, career, lifestyle and educational goals.

Enrich the Experience

  • Discover VIU's many enrichment opportunities for students.
  • Consider participating in student enrichment opportunities.

Problem Solve

  • Identify obstacles and challenges to meeting your goals.
  • Make plans to overcome obstacles and challenges and to develop your abilities as a self-directed learner.

Focus on Goals

  • Clarify the steps that lead to your desired credential.
  • Identify details that become significant along the path to earning your current credential or another one beyond it.

Self Knowledge and Advocacy

  • Learn about student rights, responsibilities and relevant VIU policies and procedures.
  • Seek support in striving toward self-regulation, self-directed learning and self-advocacy.