Web Registration Helpful Hints

Using Web Registration:

  • You can search for specific courses or types of courses to help you build your timetable.
  • Once Registration has begun you can see if there are open seats or how many people are on the waitlist when you search for courses.
  • You can check your saved timetable any time before your registration appointment to see how many seats are left in the classes you chose.
  • You can make changes to your saved timetables - just make sure to Save Your Plan every time you make a change.
  • After you have registered for courses, you can:
    • Add and drop classes (change course sections)
    • Claim waitlisted seats
    • View and print your schedule

Web Registration Helpful Hints:

Remember to register for both Fall and Spring semesters!

  • If you don’t Submit; it didn’t happen. Always Save or Submit changes.
  • The maximum allowed credits per semester is normally 18, including enrolled and/or waitlisted courses. (1 credit is normally equal to 1 hour of class and a typical class is 3 credits).
  • Most students will need to complete the Degree English Requirements in order to graduate. Tips:
    • If you are having trouble finding space in English 115 in the Fall, consider taking English 125 or 135 in the Fall and English 115 in the Spring instead.
    • The Liberal Studies or Interdisciplinary options may also work for some students.
  • Check to make sure that your courses are at the campus you want – the letter in the section code tells you where the class will take place (e.g. F21Q01):
    • N=Nanaimo
    • D=Duncan/Cowichan
    • Q=Parksville/Qualicum
    • R=Powell River
    • W=Web/online
    • X=any other location
  •  “Full time” for Financial Aid purposes is a 60% course load, typically 9 hours a week, or 3 three-credit classes.
    • Applications for student loans will be available at StudentAidBC in June.
  • You cannot be enrolled in or waitlisted for different sections of the same course. For example ENGL 115 F21N03 and ENGL 115 F21N25.
  • Remember that on the Web Registration page, Fall is on the top, and the Spring semester is below it. On your Course Enrolment History page, however, the Spring semester will be at the top and the Fall below.
  • After you have built and saved your timetable, or once you have actually registered in your classes–DO NOT use the Build my Timetable function to make changes. This could undo all your work and lose your spot in classes. Instead, select individual courses using the drop-down list using the Search Subject Area function.

Use This! Students can choose to have their saved timetables submitted automatically by the system on their registration date and time by checking that option on the web registration page. What could be easier? Make sure you review your enrolments as soon as possible afterward to ensure things are as you hoped.