Prerequisites and Co-requisites

What Are Prerequisites and Co-requisites?

Prerequisites (or pre-requisites), are specific requirements (usually another course or courses) that you have to complete before you begin another course. Co-requisites are similar, except that they may be taken at the same time.

Check the prerequisites of a course before registering. If you do not have the prerequisite, you may be de-registered at a time when it may be too late to register for something else.

If you are using courses from another institution for your prerequisite(s), you must submit an official transcript to VIU's Registration Centre as early as possible. If you do not provide evidence of meeting prerequisites, you may be removed from the class. Due dates for prerequisites depend on your program.

Mature students still must meet all course prerequisites.

How to Check Prerequisites and Co-requisites

Every course description in the Calendar includes any pre- or co-requisites. See  VIU Course Description Information. Look for the words "Prerequisite" or "Co-requisite" at the bottom of the course description.

Sample Course Description