New student checklist

You’ve applied to VIU, now what?

Are you getting excited about joining us at VIU? Are you a little nervous?

Set yourself up for success at university with some planning. Here you’ll find what you need to get ready for your first year at VIU.

Things to do after you apply

Make sure you’ll see our emails

We send emails from Many of these emails have important information you don’t want to miss. Make sure you see them by whitelisting the domain. You can also simply check your email often for messages from @viu.

Check out your online record

After you apply, you get an online student record. Review the details on your profile and make sure they are correct.

If you want your parents or guardians to call VIU on your behalf you can set up a security question on your online student record. Then give your parent or guardian your student number and the answer to your security question.

Plan your budget

For help paying for school, you can apply for scholarships, bursaries and awards at VIU. You can also apply for student loans. Check out all your options on Financial Aid and Awards.

Meet with an Advisor

Advisors help with course selection, career planning and more. Advisors are like your compass to help you navigate university life. To book an appointment with Advising before you enrol in courses, you need to set up your Experience Hub account.

Complete the online transcript request form

If you go to high school in BC, make sure your grades are sent to us automatically by filling out the online transcript request form.

Apply to be an Incoming Outstanding Student

Did you get good grades in high school? You may qualify as an Incoming Outstanding Student. Apply by March 31.

If you’re a sponsored student

Make sure we have your sponsor letter on file. If not, please have your sponsor email a sponsor application directly to It can also be faxed to 250.740.6535.

Things to do after you accept your offer of admission

Pay your tuition deposit

You can find the amount due and the deadline to pay your deposit in your offer of admission or on your online student record. This deposit goes towards your tuitions fees for the semester you were accepted to.

Get ready to register for classes

Registration starts in May, and every student is assigned a specific date and time they can register. Watch your email for a message with your class registration date and time. You can also find it on your online student record.

While you wait, you can check out the courses on the course timetable and learn how to register for your classes.

Before your registration date, we recommend you save your plan of your Fall and Spring schedule and meet with an Advisor to review your course choices and schedule.

Register for courses

On your assigned date, you can register for Fall and Spring semesters. If you’ve set up your schedules on your student record, you can register for courses automatically. Watch the web registration tutorial to see how it works. Check your student record soon after your date to confirm your selections. 

Things to do before the first day of classes

Sign up for new student orientation

Watch your email for an invitation to the VIU student orientation event RockVIU.

If you’ve applied for a student loan

Check the status of your student loan online. Be sure to sign the documents when you get them.

Plan how you’ll get to school

VIU has secure bike lockers, and we encourage you to bike to school. There is also bus service to campus.

If you plan to drive, be sure to buy a parking pass. Parking is limited on campus, so carpooling can be a great option.

Take care of the essentials

Get your student ID card.

Create your computer account.

Buy your textbooks at the Campus Store.

Review your extended health and dental benefits.

Visit VIULearn and check out how it works. You will likely need to use it to:

  •  find class information
  • see instructors’ office hours
  • submit assignments

If you have a permanent, persistent or prolonged disability, register with VIU's Accessibility Services.