Working on Campus (Work-Op)

On-Campus Employment

Work opportunities on campus are available for students to get involved, earn money, and gain valuable experience. The Work-Op program provides employment opportunities that are designed to create diverse experiential learning for VIU students.


  • Students must be enrolled at VIU to be eligible for the Work-op program
  • Fall and Spring semesters:
    • a minimum of three 3-credit courses, 2 Academic and Career Preparation (ACP or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses; or
    • 60% course load at VIU for most students; or
    • for students with a recognized disability, full-time status is two 3-credit courses, 1 ACP/ESL course.
  • Summer semester:
    • a minimum of one 3-credit, 1 ACP or ESL course


International students: must meet all the eligibility requirements noted above but must also have a valid Study Permit or have an acknowledgement letter that indicates they have applied to renew their permit prior to its expiration date.

Students are not allowed to work in more than one Work-Op position, but they can also have a Non Work-Op position at the same time

For more information, see Campus Student Employment.