Photo ID and Printing @ VIU Library

At the beginning of the school year, you should make your way to the VIU Library. The Library is in Building 305 on the Nanaimo campus. It’s one of the central buildings on campus, near the central quad and the cafeteria building.

On Cowichan campus, the library service desk is located on the first floor of the main campus building. Powell River campus also has a library service desk.

View the hours of the Nanaimo, Cowichan and Powell River libraries!

Student Photo ID Card

If you’re new to VIU, it’s important to get your student ID card. With your student ID, you can access a whole range of services at VIU. Your card lets you:

  • Use the library and take out books, videos, CDs, and equipment
  • Use the Dining Dollars program at the cafeteria
  • Use the VIU Gym
  • Your student ID card can also get you discounts on VIU theatre programs and sporting events
  • And remember to bring your photo ID card with you when you write exams!

You can get your photo ID at:

  • Nanaimo: Library (Building 305 - Main/Third Floor)
  • Cowichan: Registration Services (First Floor)
  • Powell River: Front Office
  • Online-Only Students: More information


The Library is also a place where you can print out your work and get photocopying done.

  • Black and white printing, as well as photocopying =$0.10 per page (available at all VIU computer labs)
  • Colour printing, done at the Library = $0.50 per page

To help you manage your printing and copying, VIU has an online system called Payprint. Your Payprint account will be automatically set up when you get your student card. You can set up your photocopy PIN and add money to your Payprint account with credit, debit, or cash at the Library Service Desk. Or, you can set up your photocopying PIN online and add money to your account with your credit card at the VIU Technology website.

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