Slide Presentations

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This instruction video presents advice for designing effective slides for academic presentations.

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Effective Slide Design for Academic Presentations

Top Tips

  1. Make sure the key points are large enough for the audience to be able to read or see them.
  2. Summarise key arguments/results for the audience.
  3. Point to graphs and diagrams when talking about them to assist the audience.
  4. If working in a group, plan before hand who is saying what.
  5. Think through your message before preparing it. Read the next section on giving oral presentations.

Slide Design Tips

Enhance your Learning

This video covers some of the most common pitfalls in creating a PowerPoint presentation, and how to avoid them.

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Use PowerPoint for Good & Not for Evil

Enhance your Wellness

When you feel stressed, how do you respond?

  1. Identify the stressor and consider whether and how it can be changed. Maybe you can better schedule your time or say no to a request that is more than you want to take on.
  2. Consider how you can change your thoughts and perspective toward the stressor. Would it be helpful to change some expectations or share your experience with others for a reminder that you’re not alone?
  3. Manage your body’s stress response through deep breathing, meditation and other relaxation practices.

For an app that teaches you to relax and take charge of challenging situations, download Mindshift.

Find more wellness resources.

Prepare Presentations

Prepare Presentations and Projects

Hints for managing your projects and designing poster and slide presentations

Prepare Presentations and Projects

Value for Me?

Need help creating a presentation or wondering how to prepare your script. This page will give you some tips and tools to help you create the perfect presentation.

Visualize Topic

Presentation Dos and Donts

Technology Integration

There are a number of tools that you can use online to create beautiful slides for your presentation: