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Learning Matters is a digital collection of resources to assist students in being successful. Videos, learning tips, study strategies, support areas, best practices—all collected together in this site. 

It covers topics such as learning how to learn, taking good notes in class, finding useful information, preparing a good presentation and preventing plagiarism.


To assist VIU students with learning, six bookmarks have been created based on the six themes from the Successful Student Learning - VIU Portrait of Learning.

Each bookmark has a corresponding graphic image on the front  relating to one of the six themes (i.e., Self-Regulated Learning, Institutional Supports, Teacher Actions, Design of Learning, Collaboration with Others, Campus Community Culture).

On the back, each bookmark has five different tips to help with learning. Collect them all! You can find at various events around campus or on this page.

Successful Student Learning Initiative: VIU Portrait

During the 2014-2015 school year, over 1000 VIU campus community members replied to the question, "What does learning look like for me?". The responses helped create a 6-themed portrait of student learning. This portrait took the form of a graphical image (left) that was translated into posters and postcards on display around campus. Five recommendations were included as part of the final report.  In 2015-2016, one of the recommendations saw VIU leaders sharing their insights on learning in a "Leaders on Learning" speaker series (video captured). In Fall 2016, another one of the recommendations evolved in the form of a special event, VIULEARNS, profiling supports for student learning. 

VIULEARNS: Enhancing Student Learning Event | Final Report  | Leaders on Learning Videos

Six Effective Study and Learning Strategies

Check out these top strategies for learning. Explore the posters, bookmarks and videos for each strategy - at the links below. Backed by science, they will help you learn better, longer and deeper!

Spaced Practice | Retrieval Practice | Elaboration | Interleaving | Concrete Examples | Dual Coding

Booklet of All Strategies: viu_student_booklet_learning_strategies.pdf

Supports for Students

The VIU Campus Community cares about students and their successful learning. This little booklet outlines 28 support areas, programs, courses and resources available to students at VIU. It was created for a special event (VIULEARNS: Enhancing Student Learning Event) that was held in Sept 2016. Click on the link or download the PDF to learn what is available on campus to support you in your studies! Booklet: viulearns_student_learning_fair_participants_2016_v03.pdf

Hay ch qa’ sii’em siye’yu mukw mustimuxw.

totem pole library VIUIn keeping with regional protocol, Vancouver Island University students, staff, faculty and administration would like to acknowledge and thank the Snuneymuxw First Nation, Tla’amin First Nation, Snaw-naw-as First Nation and the Cowichan Tribes for allowing students, staff, faculty and administration to teach, learn, live and share educational experiences on the traditional territories of these nations.