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Some hints and tips for staff and students that are helpful for anyone else creating large poster presentations in academia.

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Producing an academic poster

Top Tips for Making a Poster Presentation

A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting research. In presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion of the research.

An effective poster is:

  1. Focused - there is a single message
  2. Graphic - let graphs and images tell the story
  3. Ordered - keep the sequence well-ordered and obvious

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This video demonstrates the complete creation of a research poster. It shows all the steps involved in the creation of the poster. From the insertion of the title to the references section.

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Overview-How to design a poster presentation

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Prepare Presentations

Prepare Presentations and Projects

Hints for managing your projects and designing poster and slide presentations

Prepare Presentations and Projects

Value for Me?

An effective poster will help you engage colleagues in conversation and get your main point(s) across to as many people as possible.

Technology Integration

Making an academic research poster using Power Point

PowerPoint Poster Template used in video above

Additional Research Poster Templates for MS PowerPoint

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