Study Skills and Techniques

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Dr. Stephen Chew discusses strategies for achieving deep processing to help you get the most out of the time you spend studying.

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How to get the most out of studying

Top Tips to Get the Most out of Studying

  1. Make a list of all the topics that you need to review and tick them off as you go.
  2. Use your coursework wisely; make summary notes which summarise all of the key information.
  3. Work with a friend; explain theories and concepts to each other -  imprints the knowledge in your mind.
  4. Make up exam questions with friends and try answering each others' questions - mark each others' answers.
  5. Make wall posters for your bedroom - note down key words and details for each topic.
  6. Make up acronyms to help remember lists of keywords/facts/dates etc.
  7. Remind yourself of the meaning of key words used in essay questions such as ‘discuss’, ‘analyse’ etc,
  8. Don't cram like crazy the night before your exam. Keep it review free if possible - have a good night’s sleep!
  9. Seek help if you have difficulties in understanding areas of work, or performed poorly in exams in the past.
  10. Attend review sessions.

Reading Skills

Elaboration: Study Strategy

Elaboration Handout

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Interleaving: Study Strategy

Interleaving Handout

Learn More about Interleaving: Explanation | Poster

Enhance your Learning

How is it already that time of year again?! The semester is coming to an end and finals are fast approaching... Are you ready to ace your exams? If you're worried about pulling in a goose egg instead of an A, never fear! This video can help you develop the study skills to get you through the next month, reduce your test anxiety, and show you the best way to cram. Tune in!

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How to Study for a Test

Enhance your Wellness

Go beyond study skills and practice techniques that build resilience, well-being and positive emotions. The Greater Good Science Centre studies techniques that contribute to happier, more meaningful lives. One such practice, Three Good Things, involves writing down three things that went well for you at the end of each day and providing an explanation for why they went well. This can help you tune into positive events and a sense of gratitude.

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For more wellness resources, see

Student Support Areas

Counselling Services

Whatever you do, do not let your problems go on until your academic performance falls apart; please alert a member of staff about these problems.

"Book a library study room... 

...and revise as a group. Use the boards to make notes on key points; they might know something you missed."

Be a Better Learner

Be a Better Learner

Thinking and learning differently to be a successful student

Visualize Topic

How to Read a Book

Notes By Sacha Chua

Technology Integration

Study Checker (Android)

Want to know why you failed that test? You didn’t study enough and this app has the ability to prove it! Study Checker records your study times and breaks. Now you can analyze your study habits and see where there’s room for improvement.