Peer Supported Learning

Keep Calm and Study On with PSL

Peer-Supported Learning (PSL) offers free, regularly scheduled, informal study sessions led by a senior student who has been successful in selected courses. At its core the PSL program helps students integrate what to learn with how to learn and it has been successfully implemented around the world as an effective study program.

PSL is a place to get your questions answered, practice using and studying the course content and developing different learning strategies. PSL is meant for everyone, is open to all students and focuses on improving learning, developing study skills and ultimately maximizing your potential.

Studies show that students who attend PSL sessions generally increase their grade by at least one letter grade. Last year 72% of students who attended PSL sessions found it to be helpful in learning the course material.

We look forward to seeing you at our online sessions!

Learn more about Peer-Supported Learning

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