Communicate with Instructors

Watch and Learn

Take the fear out of talking to your professors and TAs.

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Profs and TAs

Top Tips

  1. Meet your Professor - Professors DO want to talk with you. Go to office hours and meet your professors!

  2. Show your Interest - Professors want you to be as interested in their subject as they are. 

  3. Visit Early - Building a rapport with your professors will pay off if you need an extension or extra help.

  4. Go the Extra Mile

  5. Build Relationships - Believe it or not, your professors are really interesting people. 

Communicating with Instructors

Enhance your Learning

Professor office hours are a great time to get extra help from the professor on the subject of your class. The professor lists these on the class syllabus. If you are struggling to understand a topic, need academic advice, or need career direction, most professors are more than happy to help their students.

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4 Reasons to Utilize Professor Office Hours

Enhance your Wellness

Asking for help can sometimes feel vulnerable. However, recognizing when you need support and connecting with those who can help is wise and courageous. Your instructors, professors and TA’s are resources to help you learn and grow.

Watch Brene Brown’s video on vulnerability and connection.

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For more wellness resources, see

Communicate and Connect

Communicate and Connect with Others

Ideas for connecting with your classmates, talking to instructors and speaking in public

Value for Me?

Why should you go to your professor's office hours? Why does your professor want you to be there? Find answers to these and more on this page.

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Talking to your Profs and TAs

Technology Integration

  • Have a professional-sounding e-mail address.

Sending an e-mail from “badboy67″ or “lovebug14″ does not give a great first impression.

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