Online Student Record

What is Your Online Student Record?

Your online student record is the central place for you to manage your official business with the University. Most registration services are available in your online student record. You can add or drop courses, update your address or email, see your grades, pay your fees and much more!

You will see your online student record again later when we talk about Web Registration.

Accessing Your Online Student Record

Log into your online online student record.

The very first time you access your online student record, your password is your date of birth: YYMMDD

Once you log in, you will create your own password as well as a security question/answer.

These are important measures taken to protect the privacy of your online student record.

Never use the Back button while in your online student record - you may lose your data!

Helpful Hints

Make sure to pick a password and security question/answer that are secure but that you will remember.
You need your password later to create your student computer account.

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