Successful Student Learning Initiative

The Successful Student Learning @VIU Initiative was conceived to support objectives related to student learning, engagement and success identified in both the Academic Plan and the Enrolment Management Plan, through the identification of the components of successful student learning as understood by the VIU community.

The initiative took place from September 2014 – May 2015 and consisted of two components: (A) professional development and learning sessions and (B) campus engagement activities that collected input on the core question, “What does student learning look like for you?”

Responses to the initiative’s question were collected from students, faculty, support staff and administration -- referred to as the ‘VIU campus community’. Additionally, a second question was posed to students, “What challenges you to achieve this [learning]?”

In total, 972 individuals responded to the initiative’s first question. The responses were coded and arranged into six themes. These themes and a brief description of each are found in the Executive Summary and Full Report below.

The themes were:

  • Theme 1: Personal Growth and Self-Regulation of Learning
  • Theme 2: Design of Learning
  • Theme 3: Respectful Campus Community Culture
  • Theme 4: Teacher Actions
  • Theme 5: Collaborative and Supportive Interactions with Others
  • Theme 6: Institutional Supports, Services and Tools

There were five recommendations suggested for next steps. One of the recommendations was to showcase VIU leaders and their perspectives on learning related to the topics that surfaced during the Initaitive.

These perspectives were video captured in 11 talks called the Leaders on Learning series during the 2015 -2016 school year. These talks are archived and can be viewed at:

Executive Summary (574 KB PDF) exec_summary_sslviu_final_report_january_2016.pdf

Final Report (1 MB PDF)sslviu_final_report_january_2016.pdf