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Top Tips

  • Learn what style guide is commonly used in your discipline or field.
  • Learn to use the style guide as a reference tool for formatting citations for specific types of sources.
  • Learn to use the style guide to structure your own writing.
  • The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers gives detailed advice and examples, with useful sections on citing non-print sources such as films, paintings, sound recordings, and Internet sources. See also the MLA website for recommendations on details of referring to non-print sources.
  • See also the Chicago style section of the University of Auckland's interactive guide on formatting.
  • See the APA Frequently-Asked Questions page for further advice on APA requirements. 
  • The system worked out by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is often used in Computer Science and Engineering. Consult the handy IEEE Citation Style Guide.

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Style Guides and How to Use Them

A style manual is not just about formatting citations; it will also advise you on how to:

Collect information

Organize information

Structure, punctuate, capitalize, abbreviate, and otherwise format your written work

Visualize Topic

What is a Style Guide
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Technology Integration

APA paper format template
This template from Microsoft for MSWord 2003 or later "provides a framework to correctly format your writing in the APA format; includes example text and instructions."

Research paper template in MLA style
Downloadable template from Microsoft for MSWord: "
change the editable fields and follow the MLA guidelines within the text."

Google Docs templates for APAChicago, and MLA sorted by highest rating.

Search Open Office templates for APA, Chicago, MLA and more.