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Top Tips

Start simple
If you are new to technology carefully consider the following:

Stick to the basics
While it is tempting to have every new piece of technology, start slowly and build up your experience and confidence. It is better to to try one device or piece of technology, use it appropriately, evaluate its success, and then adjust

Use technologies that you are comfortable with:
Select one(s) that you are already using, or that are easy use or familiarise yourself with

Ensure that you are familiar with the technology before the semester commences:
This allows you to foresee any potential problems, adjust accordingly, and come prepared with your questions when you need help

Limit the number of technologies you use:
Using too much tech at one time can be overwhelming and frustrating and may distract you from your learning

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Enhance your Wellness

Take a moment to bring to mind how you use technology, and assess your relationship with technology. How does it affect your attention span? When and how does it help you engage with your work? When and how does it distract you? Are you in control of your technology use or does it have some control over you?

Learn more about using technology with intention here:

For more wellness resources, see

Enhance your Learning

The history of technology in education

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Value for Me?

Using Tech for Learning can enhance your experience

  • study more efffectively,
  • stay on task,
  • and stay focused using technology.

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