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1) Simplicity
The human brain can only process so much information. If your audience only remembers one thing, what would it be?

2) Unexpectedness
After ten minutes of the same thing your brain starts to lose focus. To retain the attention of your audience, break up the pattern of your presentation. Ask questions that get them thinking.

3) Credibility
You may not be an expert in your presentation topic, but don’t worry. You can still present a persuasive argument by incorporating research, facts and data from leaders in the field.

4) Emotions
Using emotional hooks can help your audience remember your ideas. Make it personal. Make it specific and real.

5) Story
Storytelling is one of the fundamental ways human beings pass on knowledge. If you structure your presentation like a story, it will help your audience remember your main points. Storytelling can also make your presentation more engaging.

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Enhance your Wellness

Public speaking is a common fear! Preparation, challenging your negative thoughts, being kinder to yourself and learning some relaxation tools can really help. Here are some tips from Anxiety BC on addressing fears of public speaking:

Wellcast has a great video on being a more confident public speaker, view it below in the "Enhance Your Learning" box.

For more wellness resources, see

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