Manage Time and Concentration


Time Management

Top Tips

1) Plan your Semester
Get a calendar. Write down the dates of all your term papers, midterms, presentations, and any other important academic deadlines.

2) Organize Your Week
Use a weekly planner to map out how you will accomplish your weekly tasks.

3) Maximize Your Energy
Plan out when you work based on your schedule of classes and work. Take advantage of the times you are at your best. Don’t forget to maintain healthy sleep, nutrition and exercise habits.

4) Use of all Your Time
Maximize your time by studying between classes, on the bus and in other spare moments. Five minute chunks of reading or studying add up fast!

5) Beat Procrastination

Top Tips Handout

Enhance your Wellness

The Healthy Mind Platter is like the food guide for your brain. Learn about the 7 essential daily activities that help your mind to function at its best. Consider scheduling these activities into your day if needed!

Check out the Healthy Mind Platter here:

For more wellness resources, see

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Spaced Practice

Learn More About Spaced Practice | Explanation | Poster

Value for Me?

Less Stress, More Success

Deal with and beat procrastination. Get organised and learn to do more in less time.

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Beating Procrastination

Technology Integration

Use an online calendar:
You have a calendar in VIULearn

Use Google Calendar

For group projects - Teamup Calendar

Use a Pomodoro Timer