Learn How to Learn



Top Tips

1. Learn Deeply - When you engage deeply and learn deeply – learning sticks!
2. Don’t Multitask - Focus on one thing at a time when studying or learning.
3. Make Meaningful Connections - Create stories to help you remember.
4. Make Learning Personal
5. Determine Distinctiveness
6. Practice Appropriate Retrieval and Application

Top Tips Handout

Top Tips - Learning how to learn

Enhance your Wellness

Practice focusing your attention in a nonjudgmental way through mindfulness. To improve your mind’s flexibility and adaptability, build your well-being and promote harmony in your relationships, try the Wheel of Awareness practice from Dr. Dan Siegel.

See http://www.drdansiegel.com/resources/wheel_of_awareness/.

For more wellness resources, see https://services.viu.ca/counselling/health-wellness-resources.

Value for Me?

When you have brain-researched focused learning and studying tips – your marks will be better and you’ll learn faster.

Visualize Topic

Study Efficiently

Technology Integration

Use a Mind Map - Mind maps can help connect ideas.

This Exam Time website contains ideas about how to use a mind map

Try it yourself:
- https://bubbl.us/
- MindMup