Building Portfolios


e-portfolios for starters

Top Tips

Getting Started:

Steps in the portfolio process:

1. Collect - collect evidence and save artifacts that demonstrate your achievements

2. Select - choose artifacts and evidence that best demonstrate your skills

3. Evaluate - ask a peer, a mentor or your advisor to evaluate your portfolio and give you feedback

4. Reflect - reflect on what you've experienced and learned

5. Present - personalize your portfolio and present it

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Top Tips Handout

Enhance your Wellness

Learn to identify negative automatic thoughts about yourself and the world. Practice replacing them with more rational and realistic thoughts and notice how that impacts your experience!

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Building Portfolios Concept Map

Value for Me?

As a student, you can use an e-portfolio as a medium to conveniently and effectively highlight the myriad of skills and projects you’ve developed over the course of earning your degree for networking or future employment purposes.

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Technology Integration

Use VIULearn ePortfolio space

Develop in VIU Student Blogs on Wordpress

Use Weebly or Google Spaces