Working on Campus (Work-Op)

On-Campus Employment

Work opportunities on campus are available for students to get involved, earn money, and gain valuable experience. The Work-Op program provides employment opportunities that are designed to create diverse experiential learning for VIU students.


  • Students must be enrolled at VIU to be eligible for the Work-op program
  • Fall and Spring semesters:
    • a minimum of three 3-credit courses, 2 Academic and Career Preparation (ACP or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses; or
    • 60% course load at VIU for most students; or
    • for students with a recognized disability, full-time status is two 3-credit courses, 1 ACP/ESL course.
  • Summer semester:
    • a minimum of one 3-credit, 1 ACP or ESL course
    • for all students: course(s) must be taken during the summer semester

Note: Students are allowed only one Work-op position per semester.

For more information, see CareerVIU.