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Watch this YouTube blogger explain how to write an essay quickly.

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How To Write A Fast Essay by Jim Cavill
Research Papers

Top Tips for Organizing your Essay

  1. Focus on your overall argument or response to the essay topic
  2. Think about the main points you wish to make that will develop this argument.
  3. Check that you have an appropriate number of main points for the assignment length
  4. Organize supporting detail
  5. Organize your references
  6. Reflect and Revise
  7. For more information, check out York University's module on Essay Structure
    • Includes examples, templates, videos and more

Writing Research Papers

Enhance your Learning

This video will guide you through the process writing a research paper, as well as providing tips on editing, formatting, and writing.

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How to Write a Research Paper

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When organizing your work, plan break time to reward yourself, refresh your mind, and move your body. Campus Rec promotes an active, healthy lifestyle and opportunity for a balanced post-secondary experience. Four distinct areas (gymnasium and weight room, outdoor recreation, intramurals and fitness) provide something for everyone. Explore opportunities here:

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Improve Your Writing and Research

Improve Your Writing and Research

Assistance to be a better writer while you find and cite information accurately

Value for Me?

Identify key differences between writing in university and writing in high school. Learn what instructors expect from student writing.

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Writing Toolkit

Technology Integration

Microsoft Word has an "Outlining View." If you've never used Word to outline before, check out this tutorial to get started.

OutlinePro for iPad

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