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Come for a Campus Visit--We'd love to meet you!

Campus visits are held four times weekly: Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am and Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm. Visits last approximately one hour and are led by one of our fantastic student ambassadors.

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Check Out the Upcoming Transition Activities

Check out Upcoming Transition Activities occasionally for updates on what activities are coming to your campus!

Register for a Summer Warm-Up

Are you interested in getting a head start on your university career? We are offering Summer Warm-up Sessions at our Nanaimo Campus throughout August. A Student Ambassador will tour new students around the campus and will help you get a few things done that you would normally do in your first week of classes, such as getting your student card, accessing your computer account and signing up for a gym membership.

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Ready, Set, Go - Launchpad to Success at VIU!

Help with registration, planning for your first semester, and what to expect as your first semester starts

Ready, Set, Go - Launchpad to Success at VIU!

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